About Us

As a triad of childhood-turned-adulthood friends, we centered this project around community and learning. The idea was to combine our scholarly and personal passions. As 3 young Black women, with keen eyes on intersectionality and personal priorities of inclusion, we are Sapphires.

Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate a safe space for women to socialize, read, teach, and learn from and about each other. We encourage the creation and discussion of art and literature through an intersectional lens, with an emphasis on Blackness and gender.

Sapphire Hues

We plan to compile submitted work in 2 separate bi-annual publications: our premier literary magazine, Sapphire Hues, and our art book series.

Books & Booze

We host virtual book club sessions where we read and discuss books by women with varying perspectives.


Artistic Director

Ariel, 21

We are strong-willed, aggressive, and overbearing in nature; and are able to channel that energy into the things we feel most passionate about.

“Sapphire” Stereotype

The term “Sapphire” was used in 20th century America to stereotype domineering black females as “strong, masculine workhorses” who often drove their families away with their “overbearing nature”. Sapphires were characterized by American society as assertive, in a similar way to the “Mammy” caricature made popular during that time. However, Sapphires were uniquely “devoid of maternal compassion and understanding”.

As Sapphires of the 21st century, we aim to reclaim discriminatory labels such as “domineering female” and “angry black woman”, turning the stereotypes on their heads to embody what is means to be 3 young, hard-working, black women choosing to create a platform for the discussion and creation of work by marginalized groups.

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