About Us

Types of Sapphire Gems

Blue Sapphire

The original, most popular, most common sapphire. Wisdom in power, strength, kindness, and wise judgement.

Black Sapphire

Wisdom in one’s own intuition and protection

Green Sapphire

Wisdom in fidelity and integrity

Orange Sapphire

Wisdom in creation, sensuality, and spirituality

Pink Sapphire

Wisdom of resilience, forgiveness, and release of past

White Sapphire

Wisdom in strength and communication

Yellow Sapphire

Wisdom in prosperity, goals, and ambition

Our Gems

Salena: I am an orange sapphire because I’ve dedicated my life to the expression of ideas and artistic truths through the art of poetry. As a fountain of creativity, my hope is to encourage myself and others to revel in the sensory experience that is creating and viewing art in all forms.

Gigi: I am a black sapphire because I don’t let the chaos around me get in the way of my goals. Ever since I started working, I haven’t stopped. I’ve remained grounded with the wisdom I’ve gained and lessons I’ve learned. I am overprotective of my own heart and soul as well as those around me. 

Christine: I am a pink sapphire because of my resiliency. Regardless of difficult circumstances, I’ve been able to emerge not only alive, but while maintaining a commitment to compassion. I hope to bring a sense of calm to others around me and continue to grow strength of self. 

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