Awareness and Remembrance

We are exhausted. We are hurt, angry, in awe, and exhausted. Blackness continues to be a crime in America. No matter what we do, our existence and the value of our lives has been debated. How much longer?

The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery have sparked a new wave of consciousness in the public concerning the unjust and systematic attack on Black lives by the police. However, these are not unprecedented times. We are just now able to see it across the globe due to the rise of social media. 

We’ve seen the birth of the Black Lives Matter movement unfold on social media, starting after the murder of Trayvon Martin. The internet has been our tool for spreading awareness, garnering support, and furthering education and social justice. Please continue to use the internet for this very reason. 

We also ask for Black people to step away from the internet when it becomes overwhelming. Take care of your mental health when you can, this is extremely traumatic. 

In combination with the Covid-19 pandemic, this time feels paralyzing. But you have the power to help. Donate when you can. Protest when you can (don’t forget a mask). Actively seek those who need help and assist. It feels like we are drowning but we promise you, we can and will survive. 

We must also remember the intersections of Blackness–not forgetting Black womxn in our cries, specifically our Black trans siblings who are often completely excluded from the narrative. 

We must not allow ourselves to forget what we’re feeling right now. In two weeks, Black lives will still matter. In two months, Black lives will still matter. In two years, Black lives will STILL matter. Black lives will always matter and have always mattered. And injustice will continue to perpetuate the longer it takes for this to become cardinal. 

And if you can, please take the time to educate yourself of Black history! This google drive has a great collection of readings to help you learn about the history of Black people in America. 

Rest in Power, those who we have lost. Shall we never forget your names.

With Truth,

Christine and the Sapphire Team